The purpose of this newsletter is a connecting, a networking, and an exchange of contacts in a single communication. This networking is for all that are interested in caring for the total unit of body, mind and spirit: like-minded and connecting fields.  

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 A.G.L.E. - Update 2012
New High Frequency Angelic Gold Liquid Energy

Why I AM connected to Sri Amma/Bhagavan &
The ONENESS BLESSING Movement & Astrological Experience of Oneness

Embrace the Gift 2010!

Honor Your Path in Life and at Your Time of Death

I Remember TiMar

The MORINGA TREE and ME! Moringa, The Miracle Tree

Metatron - Channeled by White Dove

From Past Issues:


My GIVE-AWAY for all the BLESSINGS given me is to be the messenger for...businesses (old and new), personal service, suppliers, readers, upcoming events, workshops, gatherings, sweats, drumming ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, metaphysical and psychic fairs, etc.

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You may choose to go to someone for an intuitive counsel or psychic reading; numerology or astrology compiled: energy work on the body by massage. Reiki, re-birthing, use of crystals, accupressure, reflexology, use of essential oils, and herbs. You may want to buy a gift or make a creation.

***If this has blessed you, PLEASE PASS IT ON***


The star catcher grinned and whispered a plan, "I’ll catch all the stars that I possibly can. Then give them to all of my firends so they will truly see how sparkling and special they are to me."

Friends are very special. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear and they share a word of praise. Show your friends how much you care. Pass this on, and brighten someone’s day. Send this to eveyrone you consider a FRIEND.

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