By Whitedove & the World of Light

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There are many, many changes to come to each one of us in the most amazing year 2010.  It is a year that adds to a ‘3’ and it has all the “power of three’.  It is un-necessary to do other than live each day and hold positive thoughts. Hold the LOVE in your heart for yourself, for your family, for your neighbor, for your enemy, for a stranger………for all manner of life……….WE ARE ALL CONNECTED by our thoughts and emotions and what happens to us in our thought process happens to all. It is not necessary for you to believe for this to happen. 

Think dark, un-loving thoughts and that is what you will receive immediately.  We are living our Karma at this very moment. What we think, how we act and interact with people, animals, situations, and intangibles has an immediate reaction.  We are living in a state of ‘grace’. All our Karma has been cancelled and we create our own immediate karma in the life we now live.  Think pure LOVE for all to have health, protection, safety and abundance and it is theirs as well as ours.  It is complete; either totally think LOVE and you bring the light to yourself and others and into the dark. Think un-loving and getting even and you surround yourself and others in darkness.  The power is within each of you.  Will you live LIGHT? Will you live dark?

A vast majority already have or will choose to transform what they think, how they act, interact and  graciously take responsible action.  These are the pioneers and way-show-ers and are more than ready to move into the unknown and pave the way for others.  You will be guided by an inner-force to follow these way-show-ers until you also strike out on your own.  This new ‘teacher’ is a blending of ancient mystery, the awesome, exciting now and the share-er of transformative tools for your future self.

Each of you is in some stage of the butterfly; the caterpillar, the cocoon or the ultimate awesome transformative butterfly. None of these stages can be hurried, for in doing do, you harm the ultimate outcome.  This is a time of developing patience with self, with others and knowing that what is yours will come to you. What is not yours, will not come nor stay with you.  This applies to people, things, or situations.  Many are temporarily in our lives for teaching, healing and growing purposes.  Choose to love whatever you feel you lose for that is your proof that you are indeed growing, you no longer need the support or prop, you stand alone.

 Develop an attitude of gratitude and say ‘thank you’ for all that enters and leaves your life.  Have PEACE in your heart and think of others before self.  For each breathtaking sunrise, awesome full moon, birds in flight, sounds of nature, birth of new life, awareness and awakening of the new you, the small or large changes in others and the LOVE you feel for yourself and others are yours for the choosing.  You and you alone have the key to unlock the “new you’ and give yourself permission to release the old, worn out you that spins in the same rut year after year.  This is the time for change, become the You that you already are. Shed the older false secure outer shell for the new ‘wings of the butterfly’ and the new you.

There are many who will waiver back and forth only to find a few smooth and many very bumpy roads.  Many will not have the courage to put action into their words and want to stay in the old way of thinking, doing or not doing, and have very rocky roads that seem to go in a non-ending direction.  Which do you choose? 

2010 issues in the most energetic force yet and to embrace it will take acceptance and courage for the ever constant change that is awesome.  Many have been and are already living with this new energy and are people you know. They care not if others agree with them. They care not to say what others want to hear. They speak their truth and their actions are yet examples of how they believe and choose to live their life. You are attracted to these people and to this energy and some will openingly gravitate to be in their midst.  Some of you will want them as teachers for short or long periods of time.  Some of you feel very threatened by this energy and these people.  You are the ones that will face life with trepidation and fear and very soon aloneness.  

2009, a year of  loss and change for many. If you harbor thoughts of ‘why me’ in your loss, then you didn’t learn the lesson. You are giving others an opening to nourish your doubt and stay in this ‘lack’ feeling.  Changes through chaos or loss are dramatic, lasting, but positive. Many who choose not to change will go through such changes that in fact ‘demand you change now’. You chose to ignore the signs to let go of old fear patterns or ways of solving problems and the ultimate happened in 2009. 
Many chose this particular year to leave this life,  some were expected and some un-expected.  It was their choice regardless if it seemed otherwise.  It leaves gaps in the lives of those left.  Fill these gaps with loving memories and what they taught you.  This applies to family, friends, and animal companions alike.  There will be some who stay beyond their time due to the holding on of thoughts of loved ones who won’t let go.  Please choose to allow each to go in their own time and not stay because you want them to remain in your life.  There is a season for all things, allow each season to be in it’s own time.

Many have experienced and ready for the changes of letting go in the years from 2000 up to and including 2009.  You fared well and with knowing it was for the best, your highest good  and growth.  You want others to experience this wonderful feeling and find it inspiring when others come and want to experience.  Many of you will take on the healing mode, for in healing others you heal yourself. Many of you will take on the healing mode to bring balance into the lives of others. Many of you will take on the healing mode because you know within your hearts this is your path.  Many of you will take on the healing mode due to yet again the chaos of others trying to force you to acclimate to their way of doing things ‘for your own good’. 

In the months and years to come, there will be more who want to tell you what to do, they supposedly know what is good for you and they want to control you any way they can.  THIS IS FEAR IN ACTION! When others fear they are losing control, they become more demanding and say they are doing this for ‘your own good’. A body of power attempting to coerce each of you to do something other than what was the original intention is selfish and working to cause dis-harmony.

The planet and beyond abounds with healing plants and minerals and energy. The time is now conducive for the creations of healing modalities for our benefit.  It is the ideal of each body to be perfect and live in harmony.  When there is dis-harmony, there is dis-ease and the body reacts. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY AND HEED WHAT IT TELLS YOU.  Each of us can do what others cannot because we know our own bodies. Allow not others to take this from you.  Seek to self heal; help others heal through means of this awesome energy that is provided for us.  Use this energy to transform, heal, and grow in every part of our lives, bodies, circumstances and relationships.  Remember when we have LOVE and Peace and healing in our hearts, it permeates into all those we come in contact.  Become what we want to see in others and it happens.  

Each year the energy will accelerate and become more powerful and healing than previous.  Allow the energy from each year to become a part of you in layers. In so doing, the transformation becomes less, the chaos less eventful and the healing automatic. You then become a ‘living example’ of what you think. You ‘walk your walk’ and ‘you talk your talk’, and you ‘walk your talk’.  You are the same alone or with others. Embrace what is given you and bless all those who come into your lives. 

Open your arms and heart in welcome. 2010 is a blessing of health and healing, an opening for abundance and prosperity, paving the way for your growth, and reaching out with LOVE, PEACE and FORGIVENESS to others. Welcome 2010 into your lives and feel the awesome, energetic healing change.


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